Hinix Tees is making new waves in the fashion industry through eco-styling by creating a breakthrough in the black/white difference between organic and stylish. Many lines are either 100% organic or not involved at all. We are here to promote a new wave of eco-friendliness, which allows for the best of both worlds.

Hinix Tees is about promoting sustainability while keeping up-to-date with current trends, styles and techniques. Our designs push the trends of the industry to the edge, while our  printing techniques, packaging and paperwork (hangtags, etc.) are recycled to create awareness to the current global conditions. 

We want to send out a message that is very stylish at the same time, and through our designs, we will continue our efforts to help with the sustainability of the Earth. Our graphic designs are unique, artistic, and swanky. Our cotton tees are dyed organically, and our inks are water-based which is less harmful than most other types. Recycled goods mixed with fashion-forward burnout tees combined together make the best of eco-stylish. Going green never looked so good before.